Prof K.F Oyedele

Prof K.F Oyedele

Head of Department

Prospective Students


The programmes are designed to train and produce graduates in the field of geology and geophysics that meet scientific and professional needs, necessary manpower requirements to the academia, research and governmental organizations, industry and other related areas. High priority is also given to teaching and research in the application of geological and geophysical techniques for natural resources development and solution to environmental challenges.


Our core aim is to produce graduates that can occupy leadership positions in the oil and gas, mining, engineering, water resources management, environmental related companies, academia, research and governmental organizations, and other related areas.


Our objectives are therefore to train students that:

  Can contribute positively to the economic development of the nation and the world at large.

  Can recognize the physical processes governing the behavior of common geological and geophysical systems

  Can be able to explain the principles of applying geological and geophysical methods to societal relevant problems, including natural hazards, resources exploration and management, and environmental issues

Can make their own observations with a variety of geophysical and geological instruments, and deduce model, and interpret their data and uncertainties

  Can effectively communicate their scientific knowledge through written and oral presentations.