<h4> Professor  A.P. Adewole</h4>

Professor A.P. Adewole

Head of Department


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<h4>Kehinde Ademola </h4>

Kehinde Ademola

NACOS President

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Research Groups

CoNIMS - Computer Networks, Infrastructure Management & Security

CoNIMS is an acronym for Computer Networks, Infrastructure Management and Security, It is a research group in the Department of Computer Sciences, University of Lagos. Its vision is to conduct research that will advance knowledge in the broad area of Information Technology and Communication; while the mission is to conduct research and; apply the results of research to solving real-life problems; Publish findings of research in reputable local and International journals; Organise and attend conferences in the research area. The research group was established in 2014 and has since been actively pursuing its vision and mission.

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Knowledge Discovery & Data Mining Research Group (KDDRG)


MIRG - Machine Intelligence Research Group

The Machine Intelligence Research Group (MIRG) is one of the research groups of the Department of Computer Sciences at the University of Lagos (UNILAG), Akoka, Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria.
The research group is interested in artificial intelligence and machine learning methodologies and their applications to real-life problems in science, medicine, engineering, industry, and commerce.
Our major research focus is on the design and development of a variety of algorithms that mimic aspects of human intelligence and other biological systems such as:
1. Deep learning
2. Biologically inspired computation
3. Autonomous robotics
4. Optimisation of smart (clever) algorithms.

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