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About the Department Of Mathematics

The Department of Mathematics was first established in the School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences in October, 1964 and produced the first set of graduates in 1967. The Department was then composed of two subject areas, namely. Mathematics and Mathematical Physics, and could be taken as two subjects or as one subject. During that period, students in the School of Biological Sciences and the School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences were being examined in three subjects or, in exceptional cases, in one subject in Part III. The Department became part of the newly reconstituted Faculty of Science in 1973. As from 1974, Senate approved a new degree structure based on course units and in 1978, in addition to the Honours Degree Programme in Mathematics, the Department started a combined Honours Degree Programme in Mathematics and Statistics and in 1983, the Department started a Four-Year Degree Programme. The Department started a B.Sc. (Hons) Degree Programme in Industrial Mathematics in 2010/2011.

Vision & Mission

VISION :  Our vision is to provide a first class learning environment for the study of Mathematics in all its forms and produce mathematicians of all persuations-both theoretical and applied mathematicians in the fullest meanings of these terms. Our vision includes the desire to have a Department that is dynamically transformational at all times.

MISSION: Our mission is to train students to acquire mathematical knowledge and skills to the highest attainable level; produce for society, scientists with unmatched competencies in the fields of mathematical and cognate sciences, and who can help to imbue society with discipline and positive values which are ingredients that propel and sustain national development.

Academic Staff

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