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About the Department Of Chemistry

Chemistry is one of the basic experimental physical sciences. The objectives of the undergraduate programmes in the Department, ¬†are consequently geared towards providing tutorial courses that will lead to a well-balanced training up to a bachelor’s degree in the subject, and also to provide the desired foundation course for students in subjects where a reasonable understanding of chemistry is desirable, and sometimes imperative.

Our courses are designed to allow a judicious blending of theoretical concepts with their applications in a growing scientific world. Apart from basic traditional courses, the Department also offers Applied Chemistry courses of relevance to industrial and environmental problems. Teaching and research in Chemistry Department at the University of Lagos have always been of a high standard and many past students now hold important positions in the local and international chemical industry and in education. A strong tradition of collaborative research and consultancy with industry and other research institutions exist. Opportunities also exist for inter-disciplinary research and consultancy studies, with staff from other departments in the University, e.g. Biochemistry, Botany, Microbiology, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, etc.

The Department offers two degree programmes:

  1. a 4-year B.Sc. degree programme in Chemistry; and
  2. a 5-year B.Sc. degree programme in Industrial Chemistry

Adequate allowance is given in each programme for student’s choice of elective courses within, and outside the Faculty of Science.

Compulsory courses are clearly specified so as to provide a core of subject areas considered as indispensable to a proper understanding of Chemistry. It is hoped that the twin objective of broad-based education and a reasonable degree of subject specialization is met in these programmes.

Prerequisite Courses are to be passed before proceeding to the next relevant courses.

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